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Beauty Secret: Wrinkle Prevention

Recently I've watched a few videos which relate to making wrinkles disappear before your eyes. An old man has bags under his eyes because of the law of gravity, his skin loses elasticity and is drooped; he puts a product on that baggy area and over a minute or so, before your eyes the wrinkles disappear. I've just watched two videos on you tube and as I suspected the product is made from egg whites OR polyvinyl alcohol with other ingredients to improve the stabilized texture.

Even if this is temporary, I want that!

Up to today, the No. 1 wrinkle eraser is Vitamin A, it is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, but there are side effects to it (redness, skin peels and makes skin very sensitive to the sun). Other peptides also work; ®matryxyl is popular for wrinkle treatment.

Below is a list to prevent wrinkles:

1. Avoid the sun

2. Hydrate inside and outside.

3. Try to reduce unnecessary facial expressions which cause wrinkles (such as

frowning, pouching lips, etc.)

4. When you sleep do not compress your face on the pillow, or you’ll end up

with deep creases.

5. If you are a smoker you will get wrinkles vertically on your upper lip.

6. Do not hold your face with your hand (in a thinking posture), it tends to

create lines.

7. Around your eye area the thickness of your skin is only 1/3 compared to

other areas of your face, so be gentle and use extra protection with a good eye


8. Some people say that dry skin causes wrinkles, it is true but most wrinkles are actually caused by repeated expressions (such as a smile, a raised eye brow, or a frown, etc.).

Until we have a magic cure -- try to eliminate unnecessary wrinkles or lines – except don't give up smiling even if you get lines! Smiling makes this world a little bit of a better place.

Also check it out for June 2015 Beauty Secret "Food to improve our skin" .

Beautiful skin begins with good habits, and good products are a must.

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