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INSOO is my mother's Korean name, it means "Keep compassion for others".

My mother has been known for her beautiful skin.

When my mother was admitted to a nursing home at 83 years old, my sister went to see her for the first time at that facility and asked the staff where she can find her, she mentioned mother's name, and stuff asked her "Is that a lady with beautiful skin?" Wow.....

My mother passed away December 2020 at age 91 years, she is in the best place, Heaven.   

Every time she cooked an egg, she applied the left over egg onto her face as a masque. She even made home made lotions. When she shared her lotion with my friends, they were so excited that they handled the bottle as if they had just received a precious ointment.  My mom often applied commercial facial masques which made her look more like something out of a movie, Friday the 13th.  My sisters and I actually fought over who would peel off her masque. She cared so much about her skin that every time my Mom went out, she carried a parasol to protect her from the sun. Another thing she did which she never failed to do was to cleanse her face before going to bed.  I believe taking care of her skin was her "Therapy time".


Because I grew up watching her take care of her skin and sometimes mine, I was led on this path. I began working as an esthetician for a well known Day Spa (Burke Williams in Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to named one of the best esthetician in Vogue and American Salon magazines ) for over 16  years from the very beginning of my career.  After many years of working in a very busy spa, I started experiencing pain in my hands.  My dearest church friend whom I call "American mom" asked me what is my future vision was. She mentioned that in the Bible "People without a vision perish".  I thought about it and the answer came easily "I want to sell beauty products." Then shortly after my best friend introduced me to a new cleanser from Japan. I was so impressed with this cleanser that I contacted the owner in Japan; he was equally excited to get an inquiry from America. That is how it all started with my company "Noriko." Now after 15 years, my products have gradually evolved and expanded and I'm  ready for the next step; I'm ready for something unique, something very special. 


Our health is very important.  That is why I like to shop at Trader Joe's because I am health conscious especially with preservatives. I've taken notice that at super markets breads, and tortilla wraps never get mold. I find this to be scary. You see, healthy products should not last forever, only unhealthy products filled with preservatives last forever.  

The same logic applies to skin care products.  Insoo's ingredients are short list with plain simple English.

Insoo products use only food grade preservatives or 100% natural preservatives.


Ingredients are everything when it comes to good products.  

Most of the products have a long list of cosmetic ingredients with many unfamiliar chemicals that the average person has no clue as to what is inside.  INSOO products are simple, natural and only have essential ingredients, which minimize or have zero synthetic fillers.   For natural ingredients I was fortunate to find the grower for meadow-foam seed oil (one of my favorite plant oil) and they gave me a supplier's information, I contacted them and they sent me sample of oils, one chemically expressed, one cold pressed.  I have found out that the so called meadowfoam seed oil cold pressed on the internet, most of the time they are not really cold pressed. 

Good ingredient is the most important element for good products.

Beautiful skin begins with good habits and good products are a must.

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