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Beauty Secrets: New Year's Resolution

Every year most of us are trying to make our new year's resolutions.

Last year my resolution was to reduce my intake of sugar, not because I wanted to lose weight, but after I watched 20/20, the TV report said sugar caused high cholesterol and causes inflammation (which equals aging)! So we have every reason to cut down sugar.

My cholesterol is very high so I made a decision to reduce (I didn't say cut off) sugar and I did pretty well until December. Everywhere I went sweets were inviting me and I succumbed with out even putting up a fight. Unfortunately, it's like I'm alcoholic -- because I am eating sweets again. My friends PLEASE don't give me sweets

I have no power over sweets, I have no power over sweets once it's in my house.

Well, to fight aging I'll repeat two simple two suggestions and this year I'll added a new one.

No. 1 Avoid the sun ! Especially if you drive a lot, be sure to get some kind of window shield on your car window. People who drive have more sun damage on left side of their face.

No. 2 Never go to bed without cleansing (especially if you wear a make-up) and moisturizing your face.

No. 3 New suggestion, every time you take a shower or especially if you take a bath, be sure to apply body lotion, cream or body oil. If you neglect your body it surely will show up in your later years. My friend in her 50's told me she stopped wearing short sleeve dresses because her arms are so wrinkly. Once I was having lunch with my friend when she rolled up her shirt and I saw her arms so dry and old looking. I was surprised because her face looks good. After that I started to apply body oil regularly.

With all the technology and laser, injection, peeling and filling I saw one of the famous model's photo before and after, and I realized her full lips are a result of injections, ouch !!! They said you have to go back to fill up regularly to attain that look. In a way, if you only pursue outlook beauty, that beauty is shallow.

The best beauty accessory is to smile ! Smile eases tension, smile means Thank you,

SMILE sends peace and LOVE messages.

Let's smile more!


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