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Beauty Secrets: Negative effects of excess exfoliation

Are you aging your skin with excessive exfoliation?

In 2009 I watched a Japanese TV program, and it changed my

idea about exfoliation. They studied a group of women by

checking their skin under a microscope. They recorded how they

took care of their skin daily, and the one thing they discovered

was that the more time these women spent taking care of their

skin, the more they damaged their skin!?.

This group spent extra time stimulating their skin by touching,

or/and rubbing daily.

The conclusion is that over stimulating your skin daily sends the

wrong message to your skin -- it thinks it is damaged.”

Therefore, the skin tries to repair itself by sending melanin in

order to compensate for it. That in turn causes free radicals

which equals aging. Scrubbing regularly buffs away your top

skin layer, essentially removing the protective barrier that your

skin has.

Dr. Perricone's comments on the "negative effects on exfoliation,"

he asserts that "the bad news is that many scrubs, exfoliators and

peels are unnecessarily harsh. These rather extreme treatments

trigger inflammatory markers and result in micro-scarring and this

is known as the 'birth of a wrinkle. The damage can be even more

apparent in the delicate eye area".

Beautiful skin begins with good habits and good products are a


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