How Night Elixir Came to Be

Radiant skin is not the result of what you apply, but what your skin absorbs. Night Elixir is loaded with Anti-aging Vitamins in sub micron size = less than a micron size.

Night Elixir is loaded with anti-aging vitamins in a Nanotechnology delivery system.

To ensure that it is truly effective, the vitamins are less than .01 microns—about 1/200th the size of a red blood cell (about 8 microns) which means they penetrate the cells of the skin. In addition, the key minerals are added as active polypeptides to deliver essential nutrients below the skin's surface to combat signs of aging. It is the ultimate solution for fine lines, dull, dry, rough or sun damaged skin. Night Elixir achieves dramatic results in a relatively short period of time.

For more than 35 years I’ve been dedicated to the business of facials and skin care products. Vogue and Studio USA have mentioned about me as one of the best esthetician in LA. In those over the years I’ve never used something as effective as Night Elixir. I believe in wholeheartedly with a passion and I stand it by 100%.

How the Amazing Night Elixir Came To Be

The beginning!

Many years ago I used a vitamin C product. One day I saw it was causing a crinkly texture like crepe paper on my eyelids and added 10 years to the appearance of my face. I panicked !

I realized that straight vitamin C was too acidic and too drying for the thin skin around the eyes. I tried several products to improve the texture but nothing helped. Finally, I tried liquid vitamins which I had on hand. The awful texture disappeared almost overnight. It was remarkable! Later, when I started my own skin care line, I decided to add that magic liquid Vitamins for my line, it took me for a while but eventually I found a source for Liquid Vitamins, and I did make my first big investment. I was convinced of the vitamins’ effectiveness. But when my Night Elixir (formerly known as Power Serum) didn’t sell as much as I wanted it to, I was discouraged. I lost confidence and stopped promoting the serum and eventually stopped.

Change of heart!!!

Sometime later, I began receiving phone calls asking for the discontinued serum. Liquid vitamins are pure and don't have a long shelf life, and my first endeavor had been a financial loss. I had no intention of investing in the serum again. But I couldn’t shake it. I knew the product was exceptional. I had first-hand experience of the results. Then the wife of the original owner of a renowned Beauty supply center reached me through Facebook saying the serum was "......the best thing ever!" It was another confirmation. But I discovered that my original supplier was no longer available. All the other suppliers I tried weren’t nearly as good. I’d reached a dead end. I had no idea where to go to.

Divine Intervention!!!

In September 2017, out of the blue, I received a phone call from someone who used to work at the company where I made my serum 14 years (!) ago. "How did you find me?" I asked. "Through old client's list," he said. Hence, my product would be reborn – even better, NEW & IMPROVED! - into my line with awesome help from above.

My Message To You: Never give up!

If you have a dream or a passion for something you believe in, something good, never give up on realizing that dream. Should you fall, dust yourself off and move forward; should you stumble, get up and keep searching… continue trying. Hold onto your dream. If you don't give up, and if it’s meant to be, it will come true.

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