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Beauty Secret / Magic Uplifting Mask

I have a new product called "Magic Uplifting Mask."

My mask idea relates to my mother, since she often used natural ingredients to make

her masks. For instance, every time she cooked an egg she applied the inside liquid of

the egg shell on her face. My sister works for a company called "Kewpie" in Japan,

this is the most popular mayonnaise company there. A while ago she sent me a face

mask and the main ingredient is egg shell membrane. Turns out that Kewpie Mayonnaise

Company discovered that egg shell membrane has incredible benefits even for the skin; it

has the ability to repair and regenerate damaged cells. If you apply it to a cut or scratch,

it will help quick healing and minimize scarring. The mask my sister sent me reminds me

of my mom's face mask. So I've been thinking to create a fantastic mask with egg shell

membrane. Finally my anticipated product is here! For my research I googled "Egg shell

membrane" and found out that it is usually associated with joint pain. I also saw

Dr. Perricone makes a face cream with egg shell membrane and for 2 oz, it sells for $170.00!

I also found this site called "Before it's news" (

Peeling skin next to your fingernails, often called a quick, can get very sore

especially if the skin is pulled at or torn off. This tip to solve the problem

is magic. Tear off small pieces of the egg membrane and put them wet side

down on the problem areas. Leave it there until it dries. Even if you wash it

off before it falls off it will have done its job. Check the next day and if there

are any areas that are not quite right apply more egg skin. Quite often one

application is all that is needed.

My Uplifting mask also has something called "Hato mugi aka Job's Tears." Recently,

I have a friend from Japan visit me and she told me that when her daughter developed

a wart on her finger she tried all kinds of products, but none worked. She finally took

her to dermatologist, and he prescribed pills made from Hato mugi. Her daughter's wart

disappeared instantaneously! In Japan Hato mugi often is found in teas, or cooked with

rice among health and beauty conscious people.

Another ingredient Camu Camu. Camu Camu is harvested from Amazon's rain forest and it's

supposed to have the richest source of Vitamin C and 10 times more Polyphenol than red


The mask comes with powder and the activator, it is the best way to keep fragile

ingredients fresh and minimum preservatives. If you're not going to finish the contents

within a year, I recommend that it be kept in a refrigerator. This mask helps to reduce fine

wrinkles, promotes collagen production, brightens effects and makes skin glow and

smooth. May you enjoy your self-care Mask to invigorate you!


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