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Night Elixir/Alternative to Retin A without prescription or irritation.
  • Night Elixir/Alternative to Retin A without prescription or irritation.

    Night Elixir is loaded with Anti-Aging Vitamins in Nanotechnology/sub micron size (smaller than a micron, about 1/200th of a red blood cell) for optimum absorption and your skin's own enzymes convert Retinyl to Retinol without irritation.  Because of sub-micron size of Retinyl absorbs by skin 5 times better than regular Retinyl, its result fast and radical results.  Plus mineral polypeptides (copper, zinc, managnese chelates) these peptides have been shown to build collagen and elastin on the skin and powerful anti-oxidant.   Night Elixir delivers the essential nutrients below the skin's surface to combat sign of aging, ultimate solution for dull, dry, fine lines and sun damaged skin. 

    No silicone, perfume and no frills.   

    Go to Beauty secrets  "How this Night Elixir came to be". 




    Ingredients:   Water, PEG40 castor oil, glycerin, tocopherol*, potassium sorbate, citric acid, saccharomyees copper, manganese and zinc ferments (chelated active trace mineral polypeptides), retinyl palmitate*, beta-carotene* disodium selenite.

    * micellized ingredients.


    **While supplies last.   

    *** Expires 01/2022 (Hint: Refrigerating an opened bottle extend shelf life for up to six months or without sun light or heat, unopened bottle in refrigerator extend up to 1 year.)


    Promotional Code:  BOGONE  (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)  during checkout.