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              Green Tea Mask

     100% Natural - Organic Matcha

This new mask is made with 100% natural and organic matcha.  Green tea is known for powerful antioxidants called polyphenols which protects tissue from oxidative stress. With the inclusion of eggshell membrane, vitamin C, niacinamide, and hato mugi, this magic mask increases cellular activity and collagen production and improves skin condition. All of these anti-aging warriors help to reduce fine lines, brighten, and improve skin texture.

Green Tea Mask in bag_edited.jpg



Rice Yeast & Herbs Essence

This new 100% natural sake essence is inspired by my mother who used to make her own sake lotions at home. This essence is rich in amino acids which are vital nutrients for the skin. They help to hydrate, smooth fine lines, and repair cells for radiant skin.  The addition of herbs such as clove (which has the highest antioxidant value), annatto (which is rich in beta carotene), and tocotrienol (the most effective type of Vitamin E) make for a powerful yet effective anti-aging skin treatment. 

Rice Yeast and Herbs essence.jpeg

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